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We have organized all the frequently asked questions most people have about affiliate marketing, affiliate programs and affiliate networks.
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business compensates a web publisher for each visitor or customer brought about by the publisher's marketing efforts. This visitor or customer may be made aware of the product by visiting the publisher's website, forum, blog, or personal webpage (called "web properties").
What is an Affiliate Network?
An affiliate network is a company that specializes in affiliate marketing. The affiliate network is in the business of gathering people (called "affiliates") to promote products and services through their web properties. The affiliate network has established relationships with various companies that have products or services that would like to attract targeted visitors or customers to.
What is an Affiliate Program?
The term "affiliate program" refers to the entire process of affiliate marketing, from the network to the advertiser to the publisher.
How does the system work?
Normally, when a person sets up a webpage, they have a general audience they are trying to capture. Every audience can be broken up into certain demographics - groups of people with similar interests. Maybe a golfing website attracts men and women, age 25-40 years old, that enjoy golfing and other leisure activities.
The owner of this website will then find and register their website with an affiliate network to deliver targeted ads to their audience. The owner displays these targeted ads, and when a lead or sale is generated through their site, they receive credit in their account with the affiliate network, whether it be a percentage of the sale, or a set amount per lead.
What is the difference between a sale, lead or click?
Affiliate networks are designed to compensate their affiliates based on 3 different types of actions - pay per click (PPC), pay per lead (PPL) and pay per sale (PPS).
Pay Per Click means when the visitor to a webpage clicks on an ad, the publisher of the site earns a certain amount. All the visitor has to do is click through and view the advertisement - it doesn't require any other type of action for the publisher to get paid. This is usually the lowest paying type of action, but the easiest to complete.
Pay Per Lead refers to a visitor clicking on an ad, and completing or filling out a form requesting more information. It can also mean a user joining a newsletter or online group. This is generally the most common type of action most publishers promote, since it doesn't require a cash transaction or credit card information.
The last type of action is the Pay Per Sale, and it is the highest paying type of action. It also is the hardest (generally) to complete, since the visitor must complete a purchase or enter their credit card to participate in a product trial. The publisher gets a percentage of the sale, or a set amount depending on the type of agreement.
What is a "Two-Tier" affiliate program?
Many advertisers offer a two-tier program that distributes commission based on a referral network of sign-ups and sub-affiliates. For example, let's say Joe Publisher signs up to a program with an advertiser and gets rewarded for the sale or lead by a visitor. If Joe attracts Mary Publisher to sign up for the same program using his sign-up code (or affiliate code), she becomes a sub-affiliate of Joe, and all future activities performed by Mary will result in additional commissions for Joe.
With so many affiliate programs out there, which one should you join?
While it is true there are many affiliate programs available, there are only a handful that are well respected and known in the affiliate marketing community.
We here at Palm Research have been in this community for several years now, and were actually started by publishers of various websites. We have worked with many of the affiliate networks out there, and have come to know which ones are trustworthy and reliable.
We also run our network from the standpoint of a publisher, so we know first hand what publishers want and need.
Why should you sign up with the Palm Research Network?
We can help develop your website, manage your advertising, and target your visitors to create the most efficient program possible.
You can benefit from our years of trial and error, and save yourself many headaches. Let us guide you and help to monetize your online presence!
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